Gold to Platinum Upgrade

Gold to Platinum Upgrade

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This product is for existing Gold Members who would like to upgrade to a Platinum Membership! You will receive an additional coupon code within 24 hours for 3 free articles of clothing and an upgrade from your discount code from 10% to 30%! You will also receive 3 additional Signed Custom-Made Live Performance Tickets with a QR Code revealing a personalized video from Manny to you will be mailed within 2 weeks! If that's not all, expect a few additional surprises from Manny himself!







Your decision to become a member will help with:
Producing New Music
Increasing Distribution
Expanding Manny's Reach
Creating Music Videos
Generating Exclusive Content
Coordinating Tours and Events
Broadening Publicity




These Signed Custom-Made Live Performance Tickets have a QR Code with a personalized video from Manny to you.

Each ticket is good for any future performance including backstage access regardless of the current ticket price. Ex. If tickets are selling for $1000 at some point in time this ticket is redeemable for that value as an exchange for the current ticket price.

Perhaps more importantly, this limited edition ticket is proof that you believed in Manny and his music from the very beginning and purchasing a ticket will help with producing new music, increasing distribution, expanding Manny's reach, creating music videos, generating exclusive content, coordinating tours and events, and broadening publicity.

This ticket is intended to give the owner a revocable license (or right) to exchange for the most exclusive access to a particular event at no additional cost. Redeemable for one-time use only. Tickets may be transferred by gift or sale by the owner. All redemptions and transfers must be verified and approved by OnTheWayHome Music (OTWH) by contacting OTWH and the venue reserve the right to provide alternative seats or standing place to those specified to the ticket. Tickets may be listed as void for some particular events. Additional terms and conditions may apply.